What the better Photo or video in Facebook Ads?

by Mohammad Almomani

What the better Photo or video in Facebook Ads?

When you start thinking about creating a marketing campaign on Facebook, the first thing that comes to your mind about what’s best?

Using video or graphic content in the ad campaign, certainly for both of them, as one is considered the best in the other at one stage of facebook e-marketing

But I will present today the most important points that drive you to use video instead of pictures in facebook marketing campaigns

Certainly the video, You can see the ultra-modern records for net customers round the sector which have proven that net customers engage with video content material extra than image content material.
It’s additionally excellent for you withinside the destiny. Through the various factors furnished with the aid of using the video content material now no longer furnished with the aid of using the maximum essential photographs:
1- You can degree the volume of the target target market’s interplay together along with your emblem via the video evaluation gear furnished with the aid of using Facebook so that you can see what number of folks that performed the video and the folks that watched it for 3 seconds and who finished looking the video to the end, so that you can degree the effect that the video and your emblem should make for your goal target target market.
2- You can re-goal the folks that watched the video at the time they watched the video For example, you could goal humans who’ve visible 50% of the video time or extra, or you could re-goal humans who’ve simply watched the entire video so that you can attain a higher target target market withinside the destiny .
3- The content material of the video will obtain destiny outcomes while not having to put it on the market it and could entice extra unfastened interactions and views, whilst a person watches a video associated with the content material of the video you posted, the hazard of your video performing withinside the proposed sections and hence you’ll be capable of go away a long-time period effect in contrast to the photographs that disappear withinside the very close to destiny .
4- Video can speak the concept or product to the goal institution higher than the photographs
5- In conclusion, the video is able to accomplishing outcomes at a drastically decrease price than the photographs, so if the price of the picturegraph interplay is approximately $0.01 , whilst the use of a video, the price of the interplay may be decreased to $0.0001.
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