Free ssl certificate for WordPress

by Mohammad Almomani

You need an SSL certificate for Your WordPress Site

learn how to set up a free SSL certificate using zerossl on WordPress

. This will help you to make your website more secure and safe from. Lats go :

1- go to zero ssl following this link : click here

2- enter your domain URL (the URL for WordPress site you went to create ssl for it)

3- enter your email and Password (to create new user account)

4- go to email inbox and activate your account.

5- now you need to virfey your domain name (I choose virfey by HTML file)

6- download HTML file and go to cpanel

7- after you login to cpanel account, go to file Manager and upload HTML file you download it from zero ssl in public_html.

8- now go back to zero ssl account and click in the link in screen To make sure you upload file without any error in last step

9- click Continue

Now setup ssl certificate with your WordPress website following this step :

1- download zip certificate file from zero ssl certificate

2- unzip file in computer (I upload zip file in host and unzip file in it but you can unzip file in Computer without upload it in hosts)

3- login cpanel account

4- go to SSl/TSL manager

5- choose Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) Manage SSL sites.

6- scorll down and choose your domain you want to create certificate ssl for it (if you have multiple domain) from drop down list.

7- back to file unzip it and open certificate : (CRT) you can use text Editor to open it.

8- Copy the code and paste it in Certificate You will see autofill by domain, by click in it the system Will autofill Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) code.

9- go back to unzip Certificate file and open Private Key (KEY) Copy the code from file and paste it in SSL between Certificate: (CRT) and Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)

10- now go down and click in install Certificate 11- go back to Zero ssl account and check the SSL Certificate sometime the Certificate need for 30 minute to work fain with domain name So if not work or see error messages wait for 30 minute and try again


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